Thursday, December 30, 2004

Guess this means we don't have a planned defense againt an enemy with UAVs

Chill between Pentagaon and Israeili Defense Ministry I wonder how many weapons currently under development that have a collossal downside if used by own enemy.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

MPAA cease and desist to the last old BT tracker

lokilawsuit5mg, originally uploaded by Captnemo.

I'm sure you've all heard that the pigopolists are trying to sue bit torrent related sites. Some sites who link to bit torrent trackers have closed rather than put up a fight. However, loki torrent has decided to fight. I'm glad to see someone make the MPAA meet its burden of proof.

How do you possess a "peer to peer download'?

EDIT: If you want to zoom to read the letter better, try here

Sleeping Bella

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Nice Bella

Nice Bella, originally uploaded by Captnemo.



This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Damn Brits, Can never tell if they're joking

Scott McNealy's Christmas letter It's a nice summary of the players in the tech market.

EPIC Top Ten Resolutions for Protecting Privacy

Monday, December 20, 2004

Schneier on Airport Security

I wonder how Schneier could be made Sec of DHS? He'd get eaten by the Fedcrats, but at least he could set a much better strategy.

On Israeli screening questions Though I wouldn't be thrilled at someone asking these questions, it's approaching airline security in a serious and realistic way.

French airport pentest looses the plastic exposive in a random passenger's bag

Sunday, December 19, 2004

UN bugging has received very little attention

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Computer crime v. using a computer in the midst of a crime

Kerr made a posting that reflects a fundamental misunderstanding (IMHO, rather than a distinction) of computer crime. First, one can divide computer crimes based on what role the computer played in committing the crime. A computer can hold illicit receipts, can create fake ids, can transmit child porn, but all of these things have real world, analog substitutes. What is different here is that there would be no crime if a computer was not used. The computer was not a device for facilitating the crime, but more like a tool for committing a crime. In the closest analog comparison, let's say Lowe's runs a radio station and communicates all it's billing information over the air. Why anybody with a radio receiver would be able to pick it up. And that's exactly what these two guys did (yes, they installed a sniffer, but think of that as tape recording the radio when you go to sleep). Although eavesdropping was around at common law, it is hard for me to see John Bull hauled into the Tower for 9 years when he heard someone at the pub rattle of 6 account numbers. These two are being punished for being more intelligent than a normal criminal and using 'advanced' technology to assist in their crime.

Moving on to the issue of damages. I have never seen a computer crime indictment without BULLSHIT filled in the amount line. I realize they pled to 'doing $2.5 mil' which qualified them for a long sentence under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, but it's worth noting that they never actually did anything malicious with the numbers. Of course, a jury would be entitled to make the inference as to their ill intent. I'm not arguing that they should be set free, I'm just saying they really didn't cause any real harm. (Just for fun I would like to see if Lowe's could file a tort claim (w/o using the CFAA), I'm guessing it would quickly be dismissed).

And this brings me to my final point. No one was physically or mentally injured, no money was stolen, no one's safety was put at risk; yet these guys get 9 years. That's the real difference between a scum bag using a computer to sell child porn, there is an actual child whose life is gravely affected. Money being exchanged during the commission of a crime, yes because incentive crime actually causes harm to somebody. Even making a fake id has a tenuous connection to preventing physical injury. Here they get sent up for having some 60 digits.

So many links, so little time

9 YEARS for wardriver who pilfered 6 credit card numbers that 'could' have caused $2.5 million in damages. That's a record for computer crime if anyone is keeping score.

Fed plans to shutdown GPS and Galileo if it feels scared I'm still looking for the Executive Order on this one. I seem to recall Youngstown Sheet and Tubing not having such a great opinion of the Executive seizing things whenever he saw fit. I guess the Fed will argue Younstown only applies to domestic and space is not domestic.

Lest I be accussed of being a Europhile, the great doublespeak that passes for democracy continues from Brussels. It seems 'the most comprehensice privacy law regime' in the world is actually completely toothless. Now, the proposal is for records of things like email, phone calls, and text msgs to be retained by the corporations on a schedule that meets Brussels approval. I feel much safer.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Activist Court INDUCED by liberal Hollywood to grant cert. in Grokster

(I think 'activist' is a pretty hollow label that means 'a court doing something that I am opposed to' see Randy Barnett's excellent post on 'actvism.)

But here I think it is appropriate ;)

Congress did not pass the INDUCE Act after the Ninth Circuit decision. In fact Congress strengthened Betamax in the Home Recording Act. I seem to remeber a story that there was legislation pending in Congress with Betamax type language before the Betamax decision came down.

The DMCA seems to protect the defendants under the definition of 'service provider.' see definitions in DMCA Did I miss a case where the court excluded Grokster from being a service provider?

Do we really want the Supreme Court saying what types of network services should be available coupled with Congressional action in support of Betamax? Sounds more like a captured agency.

Repeal the tax increase first

Election for Virginia's governor is getting off to a rollicking start. Nice collection of local news takes on the first 'debate' by Commonwealth Conservative.

(Note to Dem strategists: Kilgore will beat you like a mule if the wiretapping is the best you've got)

A particular offensive thrust from the Attorney General: "They’ll learn that he not only opposes the death penalty but actually represented death row inmates" I'm glad we're so sure everyone in Sussex I is guilty. I hope General Kilgore has at least heard of Earl Washington.

But how's about repealing the tax increase from last year that was based on mistake/negligence/fraud before we get into the 'how many guns do you own?, my opponent has shaken hands with gay men' stuff?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Strapping a mini cam on a golden eagle is cool

I'll skip the bad jokes about a TIA eagle or a bird watching the bird watchers.

Click on continue, then mini-cam in action (The video is in flash so be patient)

Monday, December 06, 2004

Neat animation of media scene in 10 years

We need more people thinking like this. Though, I think they believe way too many people give two squirts for blogs. But, the flow of information is only going to improve.

Essay on HipHop from a Continental

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Cheap Vodka Plus Brita Equals Cleaner Vodka